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Saint Louis Area Masters Swimming Inc, a non-profit organiztion, is a United States Masters Swimming registered Club in the Ozark LMSC and includes swimmers of all ages, experience and ability.  Some SLAM swimmers are competitive, but many are not and belong to SLAM for the camaraderie and challenge of a structured practice. Contact Saint Louis Area Masters at:  


Thank you to Ozark LMSC Representatives Susan Furkin (L) and Patrick Sullivan pictured here attending the 2023 USMS RELAY at the Marriott Houston Airport, October 20 -22. The theme was Event Development, presentation topics included Swim Meets, Sanctions, Officials & Open Water events. 
Susan and Patrick are members of St Louis Area Masters club and both are USMS Certified Coaches for the South City YMCA STORM Masters workout group. 



Susan Furkin Report

Patrick Sullivan Report


Susan Furkin (L) and Patrick Sullivan, Ozark LMSC Representatives at 2023 RELAY

Welcome to USMS 2023 RELAY!
October 20-22, Marriott Houston 


President: Patrick Sullivan                                    VP: Susan Furkin               

                                   Patrick Sullivan, President

I am very honored and excited to serve you and our swim club in this new capacity as President and working closely with Susan, Teresa, and Daniel to ensure everyone’s experience with SLAM is a positive one.  One of my main goals will be to promote our club and increase participation in regional and national events, with an eye on Nationals in Indianapolis next June.  

As for me, I’ve been swimming Masters at South City Y for 10 years and competing several of those years.  I enjoy traveling for meets and recently participated in my first Nationals meet in Irvine in May.  
This summer, I’ve also spent time training at Crestview Middle’s outdoor pool and have enjoyed meeting new swimmers and coaches.    My favorite events are the 100 IM, 100 free, and 50 free.  Along with Susan, I am a Level 1 certified coach and usually coach on Tuesday evenings at the South City Y.  I am hoping to gain my level 2 and 3 certification in the next couple years, as well. 

When I’m not swimming or coaching, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters (ages 9 and 4), going to concerts, and watching sports.  
I’m looking forward to meeting more of you at practices and meets.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  Also, if you have any suggestions for the club, I would love to hear them!


                             Susan Furkin, Vice-President

Susan has been swimming competitively for 36 years.  She started out in summer league, then YMCA as a youth, swam club in high school, and Division I in college. 
Originally from Illinois, Susan joined a SLAM workout group at the South City YMCA in 2021. 
“For me, the greatest part of masters swimming is the camaraderie.  My teammates make up a big part of my social circle.  Swimming is also the best way for me to keep my body healthy and to help me unwind after a long day at work.”

Susan lives in South City with her husband and their senior rescue dog.  She works full time as a dental hygienist and coaches part time at the South City YMCA.

                                                       – August, 2023


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TUESDAY, AUGUST 29th, 2023 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

South City Family YMCA 3150 Sublette Ave, St Louis, MO 63139

Have you ever swam Freestyle and wondered what you could do to swim effortlessly?  This techinique clinic will be able to help you improve your Freestyle swim stroke.  From the bend of your elbows all the way to the power of your kick!

Come join us on August 29th for a FREE Freestyle Technique clinic lead by our U.S. Masters Swimming Certified Coaches!  Available for ages 14+ AND intermediate swimmers who want to “PERFECT” their Freestyle.  PLEASE BRING GOGGLES!

All swimmer levels are welcome! 
                          – South City Family YMCA Masters Swimming







2023  Saluki Closed Invite Dual-sanctioned Long Course Meters Meets
Saturday April 15, 2023 at 9:00 am
Saturday, May 13 at 9:00 am

Dr. Ed Shea Natatorium, 300 E. Grand Ave, Carbondale, IL

Official Results 4/15

Official Results 5/13

  Paper Form with Mail-in Entry Only 
  Hosted by Saluki Swim Club 

The Ed and Ruth Shea Challenge Classic
Annual Long Course Swim Meet
Saturday July 8, 2023 at 10:00 am

Dr. Ed Shea Natatorium, 300 E. Grand Ave, Carbondale, IL

Official Results

Challenge Results

  Paper Form with Mail-in Entry Only 
  Hosted by SALUK
 Saluki Masters Swim Club 

SLAM Hosts 2023 Ozark LMSC & Breadbasket Zone Short Course Yards Championship

  • 20 Ozark LMSC SCY Individual Records, 7 Relay Records set:
  • Brian Bagette, M 18-24: 50 breast, 100 IM
  • Jeff Enge, M 30-34: 200 breast
  • Jon Iwaszkowiec, M 45-49: 50 back
  • Clay Kolar, M 70-74: 200 breast
  • Drew May, M 25-29: 100, 200 fly
  • Paul Morris, M 60-64: 50, 100, 200 breast, 200 IM
  • Vic Perini, M 50-54: 100 breast
  • Laurie Smith, W 70-74: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 1650 free, 100 IM
  • Sean Workman, M 25-29: 100 IM
  • SLAM (Laurie Smith, Cathy Kohn, Ruth Ann Hentsche, Teresa McDowell)W 65+: 200 Free
  • SLAM (Smith, Kohn, Jill Johnson, McDowell), W 65+: 400 Free
  • SLAM (Smith, Kohn, Johnson, McDowell) W 65+: 800 Free
  • SLAM (Hentschke, Kohn, McDowell, Smith), W 65+: 200 Medley Relay
  • SLAM (Johnson, Kohn, McDowell, Smith), W 65+: 400 Medley
  • SLAM (Sean Workman, Drew May, Michael Meyer, Brian Baggette), M 18+: 200 Free
  • CSPM (Justin Pasquesi, Jeff Enge, Jakub Petyniak, Connor Smoak), M 25+: 400 Free


Saturday, August 26

Making Waves To Fight Cancer



Ever notice how some swimmers can swim uniterrupted laps by doing flip turns, but whenever you try to do a flip turn…you inhale pool water and cough up a storm?!

Whether you are learning how to do a freestyle flip turn for the first time, or just need pointers to help perfect your technique, come join us on February 28th for a FREE FLIP TURN clinic lead by our U.S. Masters Swimming Certified Coaches.

All swimmer levels are welcome as we will be learning flp turns “from the ground up.” – South City Family YMCA Masters Swimming



Lori Payne

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“Now it is time to turn the reins over to the younger generation”

A message from SLAM President, Lori Payne


Dear SLAM members,

     It has been my pleasure to serve you as St Louis Area Master’s Board President for many years, but now it is time to turn the reins over to the younger generation.
     I hope to see some new faces on the SLAM Board as masters swimming continues to be a force for all of us. We are all USMS members for different reasoons: competition, mental health, triathlons, fitness and much more.
      USMS has changed dramatically in the 31 years I have been a member, but one constant is the comradery amongst us, and for that I am so grateful. My logbook overflows with many wonderful adventures with my swim friends. 
        Thank you, I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of St Louis Area Masters.

SLAM Hosts 2022 Ozark LMSC Short Course Yards Championship

  • Erin Earley, W 18-24: 50 Back, 100 IM
  • Jeff Enge, M 30-34: 50 Back, 200 IM
  • Larry Good, M 85-89: 50 Back
  • Steve Hancock, M 65-69: 500 Free
  • Alfredo Jacobo, M 35-39: 50, 100 & 200 Breast
  • Joseph Kelley, M 70-74: 50 &100 Fly, 100 & 200 Free
  • Lori Lynn, W 25-29: 50 Back
  • Teresa McDowell, W: 70-74: 1000 Free, 50 Fly, 100 IM
  • Justin Pasquesi, M 25-29: 200 Free
  • Stephanie Petersen, W 60-64: 200 Back
  • Mary Pohlmann, W 75-79: 200 Free, 200 Breast, 200 Fly
  • CSPM (Erin Earley, Molly Connolly, Jeff Enge, Connor Smoak), Mixed 18+ 200 Free Relay

SLAM Hosts 2021 Ozark LMSC SCM Championship 10/30

Meet Results

19 SLAM Swimmers Competed
22 New Ozark LMSC Records:

-Maryanne Barkley, W 60-64: 200 Backstroke

-John Bolling, M 45-49: 200 Breaststroke

-Doug Dowd, M 60-64: 50 Butterfly

-Kristen Gross, W 45-49: 800 Freestyle

-Steven Hancock, M 65-69: 100, 400, 800 & 1500 Freestyle; 50 Backstroke

-Mary Pat Henehan, W 75-79: 100 Individual Medley

-Jonathan Iwaszkowiec, M 45-49: 50 Backstroke; 50 Butterfly

-Bill Oswald, M 65-69: 200 Freestyle

-Mary Pohlmann, W 75-79: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 & 1500 Freestyle; 50, 100 & 200 Backstroke

Ozark SCM Records 10/30/21

SLAM swimmer Dave Seamen
2021 Ozark LMSC Service Award

John Pohlmann, Mary Jane Woehler, Jeff Enge, Mary Pohlmann & Larry Walker
SLAM 8th Place Local Club
2018 USMS Spring Nationals SCY

USMS – Pohlmann’s Interview
(click on photo to read)

Four SLAM Swimmers Attend LCM Nationals in Geneva, OH 10/7-10

National Champions: Larry Good, Teresa McDowell and Mary Pohlmann

Larry Good, Men 85-89: 1st 200 Breaststroke, 200 & 400 Individual Medley.

-Teresa McDowell, Women 70-74: 1st 200 Butterfly; 2nd 50 Butterfly; 3rd 100 Backstroke, 100 Butterfly; 4th 200 Backstroke

-John Pohlmann, Men 75-79: 5th 50 Breaststroke; 6th 100 Breaststroke

-Mary Pohlmann, Women 75-79: 1st 1500 Freestyle; 2nd 200 Individual Medley; 3rd 100 Freestyle, 50-100-200 Backstroke

Ozark LCM Records 10/10/21


2021 LCM Nats: Larry, Mary, Teresa & John


3000/6000 Yard ePostal

New Ozark Records 1/12/20

-Kristen Gross, W 45-49, 3000
-Jill Johnson, W 60-64, 6000
-Bill Oswald, M 65-69, 3000


2021 SCY Nationals: Mary Jane Woehler, John Pohlmann, Mary Pohlmann, Teresa McDowell, Larry Good, Maryanne Barkley

Ten SLAM Swimmers Attend SCY Nationals in Greensboro, NC 7/21-25

National Champions: Jeff Enge, Larry Good, Teresa McDowell, Mary Pohlmann, Eric Pounds & Mary Jane Woehler

Maryanne Barkley, Women 60-64: 3rd 200 Backstroke; 4th 400 Individual Medley; 5th 1000 Freestyle

-Doug Dowd, Men 60-64: 30th 100 Freestyle

-Jeff Enge, Men 30-34: 1st 100 & 200 Freestyle, 50 & 100 Butterfly; 2nd 50 Freestyle, 100 Individual Medley

-Larry Good, Men 85-89: 1st 200 Breaststroke, 200 & 400 Individual Medley; 2nd 100 Breaststroke

-Bruce Hopson, Men 55-59: 9th 400 Individual Medley; 10th 200 Butterfly

-Teresa McDowell, Women 70-74: 1st 200 Butterfly; 2nd 50 & 100 Backstroke, 100 Butterfly; 3rd 200 Freestyle, 200 Backstroke

-John Pohlmann, Men 75-79: 6th 50 & 100 Breaststroke

-Mary Pohlmann, Women 75-79: 1st 1650 Freestyle, 50 & 100 Backstroke, 400 Individual Medley; 2nd 200 Backstroke

-Eric Pounds, Men 35-39: 1st 100 Backstroke; 2nd 200 Freestyle, 50 & 100 Butterfly; 4th 200 Butterfly

-Mary Jane Woehler, Women 60-64: 1st 100 Backstroke, 50 Butterfly, 100 Individual Medley; 2nd 50 & 100 Freestyle, 100 Butterfly


Ozark SCY Records 7/26/21


Mary Pohlmann & Jeff Enge 7/25/21

SLAM swimmer, SLAM coach profiled in May/June 2021 USMS SWIMMER Magazine (DIGITAL EDITION)