• Swim practice: fitness and coaching

  • Workout Library from USMS

  • Competitions: local, regional, national & international

  •  SLAM relay team camaraderie

  • Volunteering & Recognition

  • Annual subscription to USMS SWIMMER magazine

  • USMS Insurance protection at practices & events

             2016 SCY Swim Meet – Marquette HS Pool, Chesterfield, MO

SLAM Membership Directory

When you become a member of USMS, in addition to registering with SLAM club, you also become a member of Ozark Local Masters Swimming Committee, a regional governing body that provides certain benefits to USMS members

Visit Ozark LMSC

Ozark LMSC Fee Refund Offer

The Ozark Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC) offers all members registered in the 18-24 or 75-79 and above age groups a mailed-check to refund the $14 fee that Ozark LMSC collects from USMS for each individual registration. Ozark LMSC contacts members to offer the refund.